Who We Are

Our Vision

Our vision is to become an active congregation that reaches souls for Jesus Christ with the good news of the Gospel and to depopulate hell.


The Mission of UAOG is:

  • To serve the body of Jesus Christ through teachings and leadership
  • To seek the lost at all cost
  • Each one, reach one, teach one
  • To strengthen families spiritually, intellectually and emotionally equipping them for reaching the lost in an atmosphere of trust
  • To mentor believers to live holy lives and to make heaven their home

About our Church

Universal Assembly of God was founded in 2014 by Rev. Norman Guy and his wife Pastor Claudette Guy. From the day the church opened its doors for its first service on August 2014, the goal for UAOG has been to be much more than just a building.

With the mission to “reach one, teach one”, it is important to the Guy family that their ministry can have a profound impact in teaching and ministering about the word of God to all those who attend UAOG. With each service, lesson or event, the church would like all of their members and visitors to be left feeling blessed by the Holy Spirit while having deeper knowledge and a closer connection to our Lord and Saviour.

It is also important to UAOG that they can be fully entrenched in the community. This includes being active in supporting missions, holding various spiritual and uplifting events, and evangelizing to those who have not yet accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts.

UAOG recognizes that the Lord`s work is never finished and is an ongoing journey. For this reason, they will continue to work hard to help win as many souls as possible for the furtherance of God`s Kingdom. You are all invited to take part in the church`s mission and journey so we can all be united as one with the Lord.

Our team

Senior & Associate Pastor

Rev Claudette & 

Rev Norman Guy



Bro Jeromey Boreland

Associate Pastor Children’s and Women’s Ministry

Rev Claudette Guy

Young People's Ministry

Bro Randal Wickham